God's House of Deliverance Holiness Church - "A Place Where the Holy Spirit Lives and Moves"
Dr. Lucille McGowan
Sr. Pastor of God’s House of Deliverance Holiness Church 
Founder of Loving Kindness Ministries
Let us hold fast to the confession of our faith without wavering, for He who
promised is faithful. 
Hebrews 10:23 
Dr. Lucille McGowan, a woman of much prayer and consecration, has been serving the Lord for over 38 years. She serves as the pastor of God’s House of Deliverance Holiness Church Headquarters in Seagoville, Texas. Dr. McGowan is also the founder and director of Loving Kindness Ministries, the teacher of God’s House of Deliverance Bible Institute in Seagoville, Texas as well as the Senior Executive Administrator for God’s House of Deliverance Holiness Churches, Inc. Dr. McGowan’s husband and overseer is Chief Apostle H.L. McGowan, Sr. Together they have six children, nine grandchildren and three great grandchildren. 
Pastor McGowan is well known for her holy lifestyle, devoted prayer life, and words of wisdom, but most of all her concern for God’s people. The Spirit of God often moves her to conduct prayer services and shut-ins. Many people flock to these events because of the flow of the anointing that God placed in her life. Dr. McGowan walks in the gifts of prophecy, healing, words of wisdom, words of knowledge, discerning of spirits, interpretation of tongues, and also the gift of faith.  She is also a dynamic “Holiness” preacher. For many years Dr. McGowan has carried the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the United States as well as the Islands of the Bahamas. 
Everyone that has encountered Dr. McGowan knows that she has a sincere heart, filled with compassion for all those who have need of anything, whether it is naturally or spiritually. With this Godly gift, she began Loving Kindness Ministries which is a ministry of helps. It is a non-profit organization that helps those who are in need of love, hope, food, clothing, personal hygiene products and spiritual guidance. She is strategically ministering to the whole man. Although she is here to help as many as will come, Dr. McGowan is especially concerned about those who have taken the wrong turn down life’s road; showing them that there is hope through God’s Loving Kindness. 
By the leading of the Holy Spirit Dr. McGowan has been called to encourage and uplift all those that are struggling in their spiritual lives, marriages, families, finances, etc. God has given Dr. McGowan the mandate to charge the people of God to "Hold on to Their Faith" in conferences, revivals and services.

Dr. Lucille McGowan
God’s House of Deliverance Holiness Church
Loving Kindness Ministries
302 S. Kaufman St. ~ Seagoville, TX 75159