God's House of Deliverance Holiness Church - "A Place Where the Holy Spirit Lives and Moves"
God’s House of Deliverance Holiness Churches
World-Wide Ministries, Inc.
Apostle H. L. McGowan, Sr. is the Founder and Chief Apostle of God's House of Deliverance Holiness Churches, Inc. G.H.O.D.H.C. is a world wide ministry that is made up of churches and ministries as well as, apostles, prophets, bishops, evangelists, pastors and teachers that work to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom all around the world. This ministry is an established worldwide organization that includes; churches, bible institutes, shelters, a rehabilitation ministry, and a homeless ministry.
G.H.O.D. Fellowship Churches and Ministries:
  • Alexander Chapel Primitive B.C. *Pastor Gerald Williams *Mexia, TX USA 
  • Beautiful City Holiness Church *Pastors David & Terri Taylor *Dallas, TX USA 
  • Christ Temple of Deliverance *Overseer Dorothy Rector *Garland, TX USA 
  • Church on the Rock Deliverance *Pastor Beny Finn *Dallas, TX USA
  • God's House of Deliverance Headquarters *Dr. L. McGowan *Seagoville, TX USA 
  • God's House of Deliverance Bible Institute*Dr. L. McGowan *Seagoville, TX USA 
  • GHOD It’s All in the Word Ministries *Apostle Jimmy Clark *Dallas, TX USA 
  • GHOD It’s All in the Word Ministries *Pastor Teresa Drake *Dallas, TX USA 
  • GHOD New Beginnings Ministries *Pastor Deborah Gilmore *Cooper, TX USA
  • GHOD Tabernacle of Praise *Pastor Diana McGowan-Brown *Killeen, TX USA
  • God's House of Deliverance *Pastor Angus Butao *Johannesburg, S. Africa
  • God's House of Deliverance *Pastor Anita Cofer *Amarillo, TX USA
  • God's House of Deliverance  *Apostle Jimmy Scoggins  *Royce City, TX USA
  • God's House of Deliverance  *Pastor Gary & Betty Johnson  *Cooper, TX USA 
  • God’s House of Deliverance  *Pastor Bridget Mills *Treasure Cay, Abaco, BS 
  • God's House of Deliverance  *Bishop Redell Oakley  *Marina, CA USA 
  • God's House of Deliverance  *Overseer Jeff  *Zambia, E. Africa
  • God's House of Deliverance *Overseer J. Shepherd *New York, NY USA 
  • God's House of Deliverance  *Overseer R. Advento *Republic of the Philippines 
  • God's House of Deliverance  *Overseer R. Aboloc *Republic of the Philippines 
  • God's House of Deliverance  *Overseer Prince  Daniel*Tanzania, E. Africa 
  • God's House of Deliverance *Pastor Collin Harry
  • God's House of Deliverance * Pastor Joel Thomas
  • Greater Mt. Olive Church      *Pastor Paul Fields *Dallas, TX USA 
  • Hart-2-Hart Healing Ministry *Prophetess Hart *Dunellon, NJ USA 
  • Homeless Advocates of Texas *Gina McGowan-Cade *Seagoville, TX USA
  • Loving Kindness Ministries *Dr. Lucille McGowan *Seagoville, TX USA 
  • Midwife Ministries *Prophetess Michelle McGowan *Seagoville, TX USA          
  • One Way Sanctified Holiness Church *Apostle M. Minnix *El Centro, CA USA 
  • Praise Dominion Fellowship *Pastor Peter Warner *Guyana, S. America 
  • Prayer & Praise Deliverance Ministries *Pastor Glynis Morgan *Guyana, S. America 
  • Prophetic Anointing Ministries *Apostle Ivor Mellville *Guyana, S. America 
  • Texas Mended Wings Ministries *Minister Adriane Alexander *Seagoville, TX USA
  • The Voice of the Watchmen Pentecostal Churches *Apostle L. Lynes *Nassau, BS 
  • Evangelist Donnie Roberson *Cave City, AR USA 
  • Evangelist Charlene McGowan Carter *DelRay, FL USA
  • Apostle Cleveland Davidson *Guyana, S. America 
  • Apostle & Pastor James *Guyana, S. America 
  • Pastor Brenda Marsh *Dallas, TX USA
  • Pastor Curtis Brown *Cleveland, TX USA
  • Pastors Kenneth & Towanda McGowan * Charlotte, NC USA
  • Pastor D Craven *Cedar Hill, TX USA
  • Pastor Linda Byrd * Dallas, TX USA 
  • Pastor Justine Gondwe *Zambia, Central Africa
  • Apostle Francis Mumba *Zambia, Central Africa
  • Pastors Marvin & Catherine Ngosa *Zambia, Central Africa
  • Apostle Alex Kungu *Kenya, East Africa
  • Apostle Joseph Mutiso *Kenya, East Africa 
  • Apostle Martin Burke *Cape Town, South Africa
  • Pastor Oscar Bougardt *Cape Town, South Africa
...as well as ministries in the Bahamas, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and India.

G.H.O.D.H.C., Inc. Administrative Staff
Dr. Lucille McGowan    
Senior Executive Administrator of Seagoville, TX
Pastor Crystal Hallman
Administrative Manager of Lancaster, TX
     Minister Adriane Alexander        
Administrative Services Assistant of Seagoville, TX